Electoral Commission welcomes the enactment of the law of parties and prepared by "a victory" for democracy

Twilight News / Independent Electoral Commission welcomed the enactment of the law of parties by the House of Representatives and considered it "a victory" for democracy. A member of the Board of Commissioners and official UNHCR spokesman Mekdad Sharifi said that "the Electoral Commission welcomes the enactment of the law of parties, which is a win-win situation no matter how the democratic process gains in Iraq and a victory her it represents a real breakthrough for the organization of the work of political parties in the country point and thus contributes to the support of UNHCR's work during the elections ".
He added that "The Commission cooperated significantly with the Legal Committee in the House of Representatives and held several meetings resulted in a set of important notes, which represents recording mode parties and its work on the right track process, which is a good omen for political action, he underlined that the notes that were sent to the House of Representatives has studied in detail the legal and practical aspects after trials and experience gained by the Commission. "

He said Sharifi that the "law of parties is a cornerstone of the pillars of the democratic process and in line with the achievement of the goals by the looks of the Iraqi people and that the notes sent by the Commission formed a light point in the discussions that took place to come out of law form that meets the ambitions after previously been approved registration authority of law defunct Coalition Provisional No. (97) for the year 2004 and private bodies, political parties and the law. "

He Sharifi his speech that "the Commission has worked to set up a number of seminars and open discussions as well as a number of important articles to some members of the Board of Commissioners were published in newspapers and websites to inform citizens and officials to the observations that are discussed and which were the Basic Law pillars".