Parliament confirms talking about the intention of the separation of nine absent MPs
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Thread: Parliament confirms talking about the intention of the separation of nine absent MPs

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    Parliament confirms talking about the intention of the separation of nine absent MPs

    Parliament confirms the decision of the member Almndhiran..onowab time talking about the intention of the separation of nine absent

    August 27, 2015 19:58

    Detection of the House of Representatives Imad Youkhana decision of the council members who sent them alerts about Tgbehm in previous sessions number of them may Daum while others missed.

    The House of Representatives held its meeting today in the presence of 269 deputies out of 328 deputies in the absence of any 59 deputies.

    Youkhana said in a press statement, "Yesterday is notified of Representatives Banmaarham for Gaabathm," adding that "some of them committed warning and attended today's meeting with others and they have missed the official excuses for it."

    For his part, MP for the National Federation of strongman Mohamed Karbouli "There are deputies Mngabon Mngabon and some of them since the beginning of Parliament or attended a few sessions."

    He pointed out that "most of the deputies attending the sessions almost always are since the start of the current parliament, but there are deputies on the contrary, did not attend since the parliamentary sessions and here we are talking between six to nine deputies," refusing to disclose their names or reference to the parliamentary bloc to which they belong.

    He explained that "the rules of procedure of the House of Representatives say that if missed MP for 15 days in the legislative term one draw him warning that," pointing out that "absences MP expire at the end of the legislative term and not be the accumulated any absences are recorded each chapter disconnect and ends Panthaih".

    He guessed Karbouli "decisions on the issuance of six or nine deputies to vote on the dismissal or cancel their membership," adding that "30 deputies and sent them alerts about Gaabathm but some objected as they say Tgbehm unbroken and disagree on the status of ongoing absence."

    The MP for the National Alliance confirmed Houla forgotten that "the President of the House of Representatives issued an ultimatum to the deputies absent Bacalthm them to vote in the House of Representatives," noting that "those absent have not started Bdoahm excuses and do not know it," likely to "have some travelers."

    He added that "the right of an existing alarm deputies may be voting on them in future meetings to cancel their membership" is certain that "these members did not attend the parliament session today."

    The head of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri announced in the previous parliamentary session last Tuesday for the direction of the Presidency of the Council ultimatums to the deputies who are nearing Gaabathm to attend parliamentary sessions to reach the limit is not permitted it in accordance with the rules of procedure, calling to mind the commitment to official hours.

    Jubouri and threatened at the same time and the abolition of the separation of organic deputies and he is directing an ultimatum to them, "stressing that the Parliament" would take legal action against absent and that link to the chapter and the abolition of organic if those absences in excess of the limit set for it. "

    The parliamentary source had said earlier that "the House of Representatives has been activated legal texts relating to the dismissal of members of the House of Representatives who exceeded Gaapthm unexcused legal limit project and those related to deduct the amounts prescribed because of the absence of illicit and convert the acquired amounts to the security forces and the crowd budget People and displaced persons through temporary parliamentary committee. "

    The House of Representatives has published the names of the absent members from voting on government and parliamentary reforms hearing on 10 Aug. They [Joseph Salio captivity, Abdul Hussein al-Aziz Ahmad Jalil, Abdul Wahab Ali Mahmoud Abdullah, Ali Mohammed Sharif Mohamed Hassan, Mohammed Naji Mohammed Ali, and Mishan al-Jubouri ].

    The House of Representatives demanded they all of Zana Said Khadr, and Muthana, Secretary rare, and Asia Haji Salim, and Ares Abdullah] of the Presidium of the House of Representatives to write off their names from the list of deputies from the vote on the reforms, the fact that the hearing they have "pre-vacation between satisfying requests and other travel" .
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