Provincial Reconstruction Fund: World Bank loan was allocated to emergency operations, and we need to trillion dinars

Author: AB, BS, MJ
Editor: AB, BS

2015/08/27 18:17

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Announced the reconstruction of the affected provinces Fund, on Thursday, for the allocation of the World Bank loan for operations reconstruction of emergency included four areas in Salah al-Din and three in Diyala, he confirmed his need for more than a trillion dinars for the reconstruction of all the liberated areas, and as pointed out that it will begin building a shelter camps in the liberated areas , revealed the formation of a committee for the selection of personalities and organizations that will participate in the conference to support the fund.

This came during a press conference after the enlarged meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Fund for the reconstruction of the affected provinces of terrorism which was held building the Baghdad Provincial Council in the presence of a number of Governors and the heads of provincial councils and representatives from the provinces (Anbar, Salahuddin, Diyala and Nineveh), as well as the presence of agents and representatives of ministries service as well as a representative of the Kurdistan region, and attended (range Press).

Said Fund Chairman Abdul Basit Turki during the conference, said that "the World Bank lent the fund $ 350 million allocated for the operations of the reconstruction of emergency for the affected areas," noting that "seven areas chosen for rebuilding, part of the loan is Tikrit and Dhuluiya and the role of science in Salah al-Din, and the great and Saadia and Jalawla in Diyala ".

The Turkish, that "the preliminary estimates for the reconstruction of all estimated at more than trillion dinars liberated areas in the governorates affected during this phase," pointing out that "the Fund seeks to provide these amounts or part of it from the inside or from external grants."

For his part, head of the Baghdad Provincial Council and a member of the fund Riad dentex, he said that "Baghdad is part of the affected provinces of terrorism so We have prepared a series of sectoral projects related to education, health, environment and other projects."

Dentex and added, "There is speculation and financial tables for these projects in coordination with the relevant ministries," noting that "the fund will build shelter camps in the liberated areas to house the population until the rebuilding,".

Dentex, that "the Fund has formed a committee to choose the figures and international organizations that will participate in the International Conference which will be held in the month of December next in the Kurdistan region to support the Fund."

The Board of Trustees of the reconstruction of the affected provinces Fund held, in (July 26, 2015), its first meeting to draw Fund policy, and pointed out that it will hold a monthly meeting with the participation of agents relevant ministries and heads of boards of the affected provinces and the governors, and as head of the Baghdad Provincial Council confirmed that the Fund has prepared an action plan for the reconstruction of the affected areas in a civilized way, detection of torque Fund conference in Kurdistan.

The World Bank in (July 9, 2015) approved, a new project for Iraq aimed at the reconstruction and rehabilitation of infrastructure destroyed by conflict in the country and the restoration of services in the government-controlled areas, and among the assistance program of $ 350 million, it confirmed that the program is part of a larger program will be implemented over five years in the provinces of Salahuddin and Diyala.

The province of Diyala, based in the city of Baquba, has seen control of the organization (Daash) and armed groups allied with him, an army Naqshbandi, on some areas, after control of the cities of Mosul and Tikrit, on the tenth of June, but the security forces and the popular crowd were able to edit those areas.

The security forces were able in the first of April 2015, the liberalization of Tikrit city from the control of the organization (Daash) after about a month of the start of a wide process lasted for one month, while still Baiji spend, north of Tikrit, testifies Carr battles provided between the security forces controlled Currently most of the areas of the judiciary and the elements of the organization (Daash).