Abadi adviser: the global market saturated with oil and Iraq need to compensate for the loss of three decades

Thursday 27 August 2015 | 06:53 evening

BAGHDAD / Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi confirmed appearance of Mohammed Saleh, on Thursday, that the current global market has become oil-saturated against the backdrop of the Saudi position of export which declared explicitly in OPEC, noting that it tried to grab a bigger market share by increasing export to levels record at a time when demand in the world in the percentage goes down.

He said the appearance of the "eye of Iraq News," "The Iraqi government was during the three decades since the Iran war are less export share of OPEC's global markets which deprived Iraq from taking its natural place in terms of his assumption of the position is worth in the market which is sought by Iraq is now trying to increase its exports to the extent that it Astouhz on adequate share of the market to ensure him make up for what had previously lost during the past three decades. "

He said Chancellor that the fluctuation of the current oil market prices will not affect him increased Iraqi exports as long as that Iraq will be able to that accounts for a large share of the global oil market, pointing out that "Differences in price Saawwadha control of the market sales ample and available quantities despite his emphasis on the state of the market bloated limit of 5 Alarac.anthy efforts.