Karbouli: al-Jubouri, the National Guard will return to the government if the law has not been passed Saturday

MP for the Alliance of Iraqi strongman Mohamed Karbouli, Thursday, that the law on political parties will prevent the existence of any political party with a military wing or the use of public money, among the parliament speaker Salim al will return the National Guard to the government law if it is passed in the parliament session on Saturday.

Karbouli said in an interview for agency news today, said that "political forces managed to pass a law on political parties, which will save the political process and reduce the dominance of the major parties and the number of parties," explaining that "the 2014 elections, about 530 party."

He added Karbouli saw the participation of the "highlights of Law is the lack of any political party have a military wing, and the absence of any party may use public money or money houses of worship. "

And between Karbouli that "there is a dispute and one visions between the political blocs and the lack of trust between them concerning the interpretation of are the sons of Iraq and are the sons of the provinces has led to the postponement of the National Guard Law", stressing that "the law will be passed in the Saturday session because the speaker of parliament in the absence of a pass will be forced He returned to the government to act and how to create it by Abadi reforms "