Nuri al-Maliki on the screen

By Sobhy Salەay

Yesterday at 09:28

It is not difficult to man appears on the TV screen and declares something reveals through which the real mettle and full bankruptcy, speaks dialect and language of convulsive short of literature, fitness, and the words are rude and prey insulting far from ethical norms and direct insult to who does not deserve is respect and appreciation, and belittles the people and trying to It covers on vaccines and scandalous acts and fetid corruption and Osakat not be considered and countless ..

In Iraq corrupt affected by al-Maliki shift and stripped of his office, trying to load his crimes to people from his enemies, and perhaps his followers who landed them power and wealth without the expense or the maturity and above all imagination, and they are confident that no one can grant Nuri al-Maliki infallibility and vows to him rescued him from future punishment or forward, and will not save him angry and irritable and quarrelsome and troublesome, hypocrisy and dumping charges on others.

Some say, will Astguetl Maliki and desperate to restore its glory, at any price and make fun of his money misappropriated and his friendships and relationships, and sign the bargains and compromises and hold transactions and refuses to fall resounding in Mzabl history, and perhaps ignite the fire and fueling conflicts and take advantage of poverty and hunger, economic, political and social distress.

But, who want justice and the rule of law, and want justice for the people much more than Almtohman who still support him, and taller files, complaints and issues of legal and constitutional irregularities accumulated against him, much higher than his stature and fathoms who support him in the wrong, and file the fall of Mosul, it is not the only file that should be prosecuted. Therefore, he who said (what Nntaha), did not choose his advisers liars (the owners forged certificates) and his aides swindlers and his companions Intamin on the basis of competence and experience, integrity, and proven to be his integrity and honesty more than once when resorted to determine how the political opponents of fabricating files and charges, and while kept files belonging Many of his opponents and officials close to him, and took advantage of those files to threaten and blackmail. He compromise on the judicial authorities to rule as he pleases on his opponents, on charges of embezzlement, terrorism and labor, also rebelled against the Constitution and the Parliament and all the laws, and the collection of a number of positions in his hand and dominated the ministries and organizations and bodies of several, and cover up the loins venal and corrupt and embezzlers and their scandals and their wrongdoing, and the closure of their records treacherous and immoral , and the smuggling of those close to him to the outside, and the smuggling of hardened criminals from prisons, gangs and practiced all kinds of human rights violations in prisons and Matqlath toward men and women ..

He practiced great folly, and ignore the diverse and different threats, and mocked all its capabilities to attack others in order to achieve personal gain, and contributed Bnoazaah in rising stock exchange fantasies and dissemination of heresies immoral practices that are shipped street toward greater differences and Splits, watering the roots of the band, and endowed with those waves of defamation and miscarriage Heresies and raged adversity escalated atoms hypocrisy, but events paved the way for a new awareness may exceed a reasonable limit ..

Today has become the game open, and became roads impassable and open, came the historic moment between what came before and beyond, the moment to weigh on the process of the present and the future, and shows the falsity of the ideas and slogans of national and humanitarian and concepts that were advocated by, and make sure everyone that aches for Atwary Bhvnat of guessing and wrangling and allegations of political and auctions on the love of the homeland and the people and the protection of the law and the Constitution, and found to be tampering according to the modern age, means a loss, and provisions glaring at people without hard evidence rather than cramping has tremors and aftershocks infect from hear a warnings and engineered intrigues and machinations occur, and reach everyone to believe that: must be justice for the millions of children orphaned Mgdoran and without schools, and millions of workers and peasants who are incapacitated without work, and millions of Iraqis who have become refugees and displaced .. all these and others wishing to arrest him and shackled, and stopped in front of the court, and watch it for the last time through the screens TV ...

This article expresses the point of view of a writer and has nothing to do Roudao network media point of view