Defer a vote on the National Guard Law

27-08-2015 03:46 PM

Niazi said the decision Parliament Ihsanoglu, on Thursday, the possibility of the adoption of the Law of the National Guard, in the Thursday session, despite the existence of a dispute over two paragraphs in the text.
Niazi said architecture Davutoglu told reporters, "The agreement was passed on a number of important laws in the House of Representatives this day, especially party-voted by the Parliament Act unanimously - in addition to the National Guard Law.
And on the points of difference-in-law said Davutoglu, said that "the security and defense committee ended its final deliberation to find out the final version of the Law of the National Guard who has read it for the first time and the second earlier, and today will be introduced to a vote," noting that the first point of contention, regarding on the first article, which It states that "the National Guard troops, security forces made ​​up of people of the province are not organized province."
Opponents see the paragraph, "The National Guard is made ​​up of all parts of Iraq and not to be the preserve of the people of the province itself."
According to Ihsanoglu, the "second point of contention concerning Article VII, second paragraph, relating to the condition set by the law and the judge that (the Iraqi National Guard commander and a graduate of the Military Academy or Staff College at least the rank of lieutenant."
And stresses the objecting of the National Alliance blocs that "the National Guard commander private degree, that is to say be a political and not a military one."
And see Ihsanoglu possibility Showing the National Guard Law to the vote in Thursday's session, and may be prior to that, modifying these two points, noting that "the Union of Forces rejects that there be a special degree and refuses to be the National Guard assortment of the people, but exclusively from the province."