Parliamentary immigration: the need to take swift action to restore 570 Iraqi immigrants detained in Turkey

Baghdad scales News - Student committee of Displacement and Migration in the House of Representatives, on Thursday, the government has a quick process for 570 Iraqi illegal immigrants detained in Turkey, while confirming that they suffer inhumane conditions "very bad".

Committee Chairman Raad Aldhlki during a press conference held at the parliament building and attended / scales News /, "The 570 immigrant Iraqis held by the Turkish government for more than a month in the Department of Immigration and Displacement Turkish as they entered Turkish territory illegally and do not have formal gripping."

Aldhlki He added, "The immigrants are suffering a very bad humanitarian conditions have appealed to the Iraqi government to facilitate their entry into Iraq," noting that "the Turkish government took the initiative to pay half the expenses transferred to Iraq."

He called Aldhlki, Prime Minister and Minister of Transport "quick action to return them to Iraq and save them from the poor conditions in which they live."

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry announced on Wednesday, coordination with the Turkish government to secure the return of 650 Iraqis displaced people entered Turkey illegally, and as pointed out that repatriation procedures will be based on the voluntary desire to return, confirmed that it will continue to monitor this issue until they return all to Baghdad.

And it resides in Turkey and a number of other countries, millions of Iraqis who are trying to seek asylum in Europe via these countries. Ended / 29 / d 24