Frankincense: Al-Maliki would be more useful within Parliament than if outside
27/08/2015 12:32

Member of State of law Coalition sincere frankincense, Thursday, the outgoing Deputy Hassan Al-Sunaid seat occupied more than block the call sounds in the last election as a candidate for the bloc, adding that the House may be a new arena of coalition leader Nouri al-Maliki.
And Laban said, "which will serve as the outgoing Deputy Hassan Al-Sunaid higher block call sounds as a candidate for this block, indicating that this is Federal Court."
He said a member of State of law, "Al-Maliki if he wanted to go back to Parliament, that right is available and would be more useful within Parliament than if outside, indicating that Al-Maliki worked in Iraq for eight years and has a plain and clear positions and may have other arena Parliament if it"
He noted, that "political accusations that promote the return of Al-Maliki to Parliament in order to obtain immunity is misplaced given that the law will increase the immunity of any Vice if offence, saying the country needed to accurately diagnosis and talk by politicians and avoids throwing things into his advantage.