Follow the Governor of Babylon "honest Royal connotation" burn files to avoid corruption conviction!
Date: Thursday, 27-08-15 01:51 pm

Says Deputy from Babil province that the events of last Sunday, led the protesters to escalate their demands to sack the Governor, say organizers of such protests in Hilla, they continue to protest, alleging that local officials follow Governor Sadeq Royal connotation of "burn" files, ltngenb, which was confirmed by liberal parliamentary bloc, calling the members of the Council "steeped in sharecropping and testimony."
While civilian activists in Baghdad what happens in Hilla, "the beginning of demonstrations on bslmitha impressed", because many of the parties constitutes a "danger to the people's movement in the political process."
Babil province is witnessing massive protests demanding the sacking of "spoilers" with conservation officials demanded to know the fate of the share of the budget, which arrived several months ago to the province without a change to the service level of Babylon, by activists and organizers of the protest.
Muntazer Hadi, a lawyer, "said riot police broke up the sit-in," by force "at 5 p.m. Sunday by order of Governor as evidence of eyewitnesses.
These troops were used on protesters outside the Babil province. And the leadership of operations in the province, later on, to ban roaming for those events.
Curfews, which lasted two hours, raising the Iraqi army intervened to prevent the riot forces hit protesters and security, according to Hadi.
The Security Committee of the provincial Council, referring to four people injured by riot police trying to disperse the protesters in front of the governorate building, adding that among the injured were two policemen.
He said Hadi, one of those protests activists, "and after that I used on citizens of the protesters, beating some young activists."
Hadi claimed that there were "infiltrators" who enter on line sit-ins "half an hour after the intervention of riot, saying" failed attempts at character sit-in on pacifism.
According to Hadi, the riot broke up such sit-ins with "brutality, used electric batons and tear gas, in addition to the warm water. Hadi claimed that those "arbitrary actions taken by order of the Governor."
Hadi says that there is a campaign for some corrupt officials to "burn and all corrupt files, incriminating."