Iraqi media house monitors media coverage of oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil
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Thread: Iraqi media house monitors media coverage of oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil

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    Iraqi media house monitors media coverage of oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil

    Iraqi media house monitors media coverage of the oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil

    Twilight News / issued Iraqi media house on monitoring the media, a report on the oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil, point to various institutions had been largely neglected the required public service standards limit on the one hand to provide information needed by the public, and subjected posted to the interests of political conflicts.

    The monitoring report entitled "The oil agreement .. conflicting numbers and mutual accusations of" The Lord of Twilight News, State institutions involved in the agreement cover (Federal Ministry of Oil, Ministry of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Region, head of the Iraqi government site and the location of the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government).

    As well as monitoring report progress of the Iraqi media are conflicting figures about the amount of oil exported, mostly relied on the figures cited by officials without searching for the correct figures, and sometimes conflict with the figures issued by the government agencies concerned, only some of the means by reference to the amount of oil is in specific terms such as "hundreds of shipments of oil. "

    The report focused on the latest report issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources regarding its oil exports mentioned the Iraqi Oil Ministry him, to reflect the case of inconsistencies in the information provided by the government of Iraqi society actors.

    He said the house of the Iraqi media report "The file manager between Baghdad and the region is still going on in a lot of aspects in the political framework, also notes the absence of technical information about trading in the information material, which challenged the extent of transparency both ends of the oil agreement, which is one of the most serious issues facing Iraq and the region Kurdistan on either end. "

    He added that the Iraqi Oil Ministry and the Ministry of Natural Resources to develop two claims-performance media, including what websites and other media outlets, which have not succeeded so far to dispel uncertainty about the oil deal, exports, figures released by the conflicting parties.

    He stressed, "the Iraqi media house" The transparency of the open communication with the public and the media is the only way available to reduce these crises through the mechanics of a professional, not just political.

    He continued, that the Iraqi media did not live up to the level of research and investigation wanted to spread the truth, and that a lot of the media tried to compensate for their inability and the weakness of its expertise in the field of economic journalism and in the scope of the survey through the referral of the crisis to the only political reasons, as it's gone too far in granting the crisis character devotes hatred and misunderstanding the reader and supervisor.

    He recommended the organizations concerned to develop performance media and the intensification of courses and workshops for investigative journalism in general and oil in particular the press, to create a generation of journalists who are able to study the accounts and mastering the language of figures in a professional and impartial and display of public opinion.

    "House of the Iraqi media," as the monitor in his report, the absence of the Kurdish language in the Iraqi Oil Ministry sites, as opposed to the absence of the Arabic language in the Ministry of Natural Resources Kurdish site, and believes that this is far from the constitutional context practice the fact that the two ministries and accommodation had Basal their information to all the Iraqi people apart their nationality.

    And to recommend that the Iraqi media house of the two ministries inaugurated two websites, one in Kurdish for the federal oil and another in Arabic for the Ministry of Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Regional Government.

    In the same context, the weakness of the media monitoring report of communication between the Iraqi Oil Ministry official media issued in Kurdish, in return the same weakness communion Ministry of Natural Resources with the Arab media.

    It was found that the responsibility of the government parties in Baghdad and the region not to offload the issue of the oil content of the agreement of technical and economic crisis by turning to harm nature between the components of Iraq.

    In conclusion, the Iraqi Media House considered the monitoring report submitted by the oil agreement is the foundation of a media report degree rather than a technical report or economically, and that means independent media in addressing Amther developed in the preparation of reports and professional specialization in the future.
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