Dawa reveals. A conflict between two wings, "Al-Maliki and Al-Abadi" within the party!
Date: Thursday, 27-08-15 01:59 pm

Says an official in the Islamic Dawa party, the CPC attends struggle between Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, wings, party leader Nouri al-Maliki, which abolished his post as Deputy President of the Republic, under the package remediation decisions "taken by the Al-Abadi.
According to the official, who did not disclose his identity saying that conflict influence sharply between the two wings of the Ibadi and Maliki, stressing that conflict to topple each other began.
And political analyst, said Ihsan shamari "Maliki will not give up easily, and political campaigns may think first and then to strengthen its influence," he said, adding that Maliki will go first to the strength of its political wing and will focus its efforts on the "State of law" coalition led by Juppe, and win support from factions of the "Badr" and "Hezbollah", "AAH" and "good".
Adds Al-shammari Al-Maliki, had begun work to enhance its influence, before the abolition of his post as Deputy President of the Republic, noting that Al-Maliki "possesses a deep state is strong," he said, "political analyst, believed that Al-Maliki" may cause the shell to the political process in Iraq completely, through deep state and support of Iran and Hezbollah. "