Karbouli: Adoption of the law of parties strengthens parliamentary reforms package and corrects the political process

2015/8/27 14:02

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} counting the head of the parliamentary solution MP Mohammad al-Karbouli adoption by the Parliament of the law on political parties, a triumph of popular will, and correction of deviations of the democratic process after the course of 2003.

The Karbouli in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it on Thursday, said that "the adoption of party laws and defining the mandates of the three presidencies and the National Guard are politically mature to all the Iraqi political forces credited them coming back to the peaceful demonstrations in all the governorates of Iraq."

He said the "the coming phase will witness the implementation through parliamentary reforms approved by the House of Representatives map, and so as to enhance the supervisory role and legislative representatives of the people, and reduce the gap between the people and the parliament and restore the confidence of the people do."

He called on the head of the solution parliamentary political forces and blocs all to deal positively and national responsibility with the reform roadmap parliamentary terms, and support the implementation and speed up the adoption of important laws as {general amnesty, the Federal Court, and the Council of Federal service, and the abolition of the accountability and justice, and amendments to anti-terrorism law}, beating with an iron fist for officials and politicians negligent and corrupt without bias or courtesy.

It is said that the parliament voted today during its regular majority on the law of parties. Ended h