Uprising against corruption»: Failed «Iran's system» Iraqi

August 27, 2015

Full of social networking and newspaper articles and interventions in terms of televised support and encouragement for young people in Almentvd sitesIraq, attached to fear for their uprising and to warn those who want to ride Mujtha. There are those who want to continue this movement, because the required massive reform: the elimination of corruption, and the desired accomplished more formidable: state-building. So everyone discovers in the midst of recognition to the fact that hit the organization «Daash» may be more affordable than the provision of electricity, and that the political corruption that contributed to the manufacture of terrorism at least Tohacha financial corruption that did not prevent the reveille services, but also destroyed much of the country's capabilities.

Of ordinary Iraqis that would rely on the angry youth on the street, they might succeed in launching the train of change, and this is normal even though this is not the task of the young alone, then it seems to bet on risk. But the political class to adopt them also demonstrates that the bug ills in Iraq lies in the silent, out of fear or complacency. When the demonstrations began, in Shi'ite areas, everyone looked as if they were waiting for: cleric Ali al-Sistani break his silence, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi responds to the call reference and take bold action, parties «National Alliance» (Shiite) sink into confusion and bunched privately and publicly to embrace the street Despite the flag that disgruntled them. Taking turns out that the demonstrators in Baghdad are not only Shiites have Oqrul ruling clique in «Dawa Party» and assured her at the same time. The concern, because they have demonstrated for the maturity and spontaneous and even «national» latent, and thus a surprise after all that has gone sectarian shipping and intimidation practiced by hate black militias. The satisfaction is the possibility to use multiple colors in the street for differentiated and dissipate momentum.

The Untold Story of speech in the political class paid youth movement to the forefront, both in slogans, logos or also realize. It is Iran, and the role and influence of powerful and intimidating and distribution of roles between consenting followed and Mtnavrin. What is that corruption has become a declared enemy exposed «system», who oversaw Tehran at his residence in Baghdad (the capital of «empire»!), And entrusted his mission to Nuri al-Maliki, who is no longer needed to prove how «popular» sectarian hatred in his environment. The Iranians abandoned al-Maliki forced, but they are only to be arranged his vice president to remain in the main loop of the judgment as well as his leadership for «ruling party» (the call). When calling for protesters to drop the corruption, among other targets such as «overthrow the government» or «drop the Parliament» or «Accounting corrupt ministers», they have reached the threshold practically overthrow the regime, and the regime is Iran, and if it fails it has failed. It actually failed as the Americans failed to help the Iraqis establish better than that invaded Iraq to overthrow the system, and perhaps «institution» Iran is the only one that kept her from the American heritage is «corruption Foundation». Parties that entered the «political process» realized early that external parties've swallowed the country and are not keen to build a state, so it was special benefits is the first rule and the basic requirement to participate in government.

The Iranians did not see them miserably in what is happening in Iraq, but is first and foremost the failure of the Iraqis. Tehran is true that men are now in charge, but this is not carried by the consequences of their corruption even if it is part of investigators to the interests of Iran, funding militias, for example. But those living since before 2003, and an uncertain situation do not know the most important Iranian or Iraqi, Arab or Varcillon, and whether they are in office are interested in an independent state with sovereignty or b «farm» belonging to Qassem Soleimani Iran boasted in front of the Americans and others as its ruler. This could explain the seriousness of the rulers in whatever is Iranian and Abuthaithm about all that is national, but shows more of what seized the discussion of the Constitution and writing contaminated factional and zonal, sectarian or ethnic, as it prepares for «victors» at the time that the priority is not to «home» but to satisfy their greed authoritarian and they did not know that the disregard for coexistence between the components will lead to the emergence of «Daash» or something like and then would be a defeat for all and not for a particular range. Iran were not far from the crime quotas «constitutional» this, but made it one of its dominance tools.

When demonstrators cheer «Iran overland overland Iraq remain free» they point to a flaw in each reservoir system, which arose on the ruins of the former regime. This is reminiscent of course a shout «Syria pollen land» in the streets of Beirut ahead of the withdrawal of its troops from Lebanon, also has one meaning and clear is that enough is enough and that the image of Iran in the depths of Iraqi society are not identical to those that convince them itself. Certainly, religious and community ties and embrace Iran for Iraqi dissidents during the forced exile keep the emotional and affective dimension strong and consistent relationship, but favors this past is not enough to justify present shortcomings or mistakes in building the future. And not to the Iranians that «withdrawn» because they are first through «Aracaehm», nor the uprising pose a threat to their dominance, as they have the means of force and violence, and every official in any site owes them his position, nor the government can issue any internal strategic decision or externally unless Aohawwa agree with it or him in advance. Militias became understudy and necessary from the army, who led the Americans on its foundation.

It might be said without exaggeration that the event of failure due to the «Dawa Party» and ideology but worn workout Bdlaih alleged could lead to regret it. These and those discharged under the cloak of Wali al-Faqih, who hand-picked to lead Iraq after Saddam Hussein, and graduated within the confines of «Revolutionary Guards» which in turn was a militia became «army». Any upbringing they received directed them to project the tyranny disguised religion. Those who Asthjnoa intolerance Maliki criticized the mishandling of the relationship with Iraq was the year they have to realize reproducible Iranian terrorism model years in the treatment of Ahwaz. Did not the man in Tehran finally that «the popular crowd» benefited from the experience of «Basij» (packing forces of the Revolutionary Guards) notorious inside Iran. Then that al-Maliki approach and his party in the face of opponents is no different in form and substance of what appeared and appears in Hassan Nasrallah practices in Lebanon and Abdul Malik al-Houthi in Yemen and Bashar al-Assad in Syria, as if they drank all of the same pot, as well as they all say today that they are fighting terrorism, which sought diligently planted to be a pretext to profit from the violence.

Iraq was needed after the invasion and occupation of Americans to «national rule» puts civil peace in the top of priorities and objectives, and it was Iraq and the Iraqis need, especially after the US withdrawal directly to the coexistence and the launch of deferred development activities every year since the international embargo. Certainly, they were not looking to join the «axis of resistance and opposition», who witnessed his achievements disastrous in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Iran, but it wants a different destiny of the country. If the current intifada aired a new spirit in Iraq, thanks to generation is that Iraqis first and foremost and wants to defend their right to live with dignity, it is the form of his own or without challenge to the monster Iranian hegemony and a danger to the officers her interests and Almtaychen of Ovdalha. Maliki is not right in saying that the investigation in the fall of Mosul «no value», but it reflects Tehran calendar not only for the fact of Mosul, but for all what is happening outside their control, they know that the logic of arms and militias is what gave it its influence in Iraq. Maybe the Iranians and their followers pretends to deal with the demands of the uprising, but met a figurehead without substantial concessions would be just stubbornness in maintaining the system has failed as much as it proved his allegiance to Iran.

Abdel Wahab Badrakhan