Sadrists sets targets demonstration on Friday
Thu Aug 27 2015
(Voice of Iraq) - Twilight News MP for the Liberal bloc in Parliament Abdul Aziz Zalmi that the demonstrations that called her Moqtada al-Sadr does not target the political process, but rather aimed at corruption and the corrupt and reform of state institutions. He said Zalmi that the most important Almtalapt which Sinade the Sadrists sons Accounting innocents leaders losers and change the judiciary and the fight against corruption and to bring them to the Iraqi judiciary. He denied Zalmi the news circulated by some media about the existence of a deliberate intention of the Sadrist movement to thwart the political and parliamentary process and ride the wave of demonstrations. He stressed that the current chest will support the prime minister to complete the reform process and the elimination of corruption and Alqov side of the Iraqi people.

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