Mouselaon talking about the presence of US forces in Rabia tasks "non-consultative"
Aug 26 2015 23:42

(Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad speaks of the people of Nineveh province, it is witnessing, for weeks, military preparations "undeclared" It seems that the purpose of and behind the launch editor of Mosul campaign soon with the participation of Western ground troops. Seen, during the past few days, the arrival of a US military convoys and other nationalities to areas in the east and west of Mosul, carrying heavy weapons and supplies. did not know, according to Mousliyn officials, so far as if the Western forces, which reached the outskirts of Mosul, will take part in the fighting directly or They would only training tasks, but they pointed out that the equipment of foreign troops escorting to Atdl on it would only training or provide only consultation.

On the other hand continues to thousands of police officers, who were relocated from camps in northern Mosul to another in Salahuddin, their training. Official and reveals the popular crowd in Mosul near the transfer of volunteers camps also to the north of Tikrit and shut down completely. She talks news from inside Mosul for the success of dozens of detainees to escape from one Daash the prisons of the city center. Waging "Daash" since the days of raids and searches for fugitives campaigns, where it is believed they are still holed up in some city residents who refused to hand them over to the insurgents. And imposes "Daash" crack down on the people and prevents them to contact any government agency, and shall be punished by death all those involved to call any destination outside of Nineveh. Confirms officials Mouselaon "The city is witnessing clashes between Iraqi wings and a foreign subsidiary of Daash because of the money and women", but pointed out that "popular groups in Mosul intensified targeting of the elements of the organization." They talk about that Mosul "ripe for revolution against Daash upon the arrival of the army it." Urges political parties conductivity government to move quickly towards the liberation of the city, which they assert is that it has become one of "more cities stable because of the absence of any military operation since June 2014".

Escape of prisoners Daash He says Abdul Rahman Olokua, Nineveh provincial council member, said "25 prisoners have Daash managed to escape, a few days ago, from one organization and actually prisons in Mohandessin neighborhood, central Mosul." He revealed Olokua that "some prisoners managed the acquisition of weapons of the guards belonging to Daash and released for the rest of their colleagues in detention. "Chen" Daash "Since that day inspection and raids on homes campaigns, as published inspection on the roads points and the audited identities. It is likely charge Musli that" prisoners are still inside Mosul, and they hid in the homes of citizens who did not hand them over to the insurgents. " . It seems, according to Olokua, that "Daash tried throughout the period that the reticent on the news of the escape of prisoners in the hope of feeling fleeing safe and out of places to hide," he said, "but the news leaked after that because of the erratic measures imposed by the organization to search for fugitives from prisons." forces American and Canadian military, conveys a member of the Council of Nineveh province, witnesses, on the outskirts of Mosul, reaffirmed "the arrival of US troops and nationalities of the other, is likely to be Canadian, to the west of Mosul Rabia area." It is one of the areas that have been edited from the "Daash" last October. He says Olokua "The witnesses assert that Western forces carry with them many rations and heavy equipment indicate that the mission beyond the provision of counseling or training." Mosul leadership to Daash Center! Adds a local administrator. "

It seems that everyone has known now let gravity of Mosul without a military operation. " And he asserts that "preoccupation with battles Baiji, Ramadi, making the connector more areas controlled by Daash quieter," he added, "the city has turned into a training center, and prepare for the planned attack and the face of the joint forces in other provinces." expresses Olokua expressed optimism after the training of about 5 thousand police have been transferred of camp "Dobrdan", north of Mosul, last month issued a camp east of Baghdad, the channel and then to Spyaker base in Salah al-Din. This action is in preparation for the involvement of such a force in the upcoming military operations in Mosul. The official Musli that "military action on the connector, even if only partially, it will occupy Daash help and support elements outside of Nineveh borders." Transfer "crowd Nineveh" to Spyaker and still band military and one of the teams 15 and 16, which Khaddata US for training, located in Nineveh, while the other was the war in Anbar involvement. This procedure describes Mahmoud Alsurja, in charge of training the province Volunteers, as "ordered to Aabhr the start of a battle in Mosul."

He says Alsurja that "the movement of Iraqi and Western forces, published advisers west and east of Mosul, very weak, and suggest the existence of a nearby attack to liberate the city from Daash . "and confirms the military official said the" popular groups, into the connector, you need support and arms to revolt against Daash, "pointing to" do what is known as the Al Aqsa Mosul implementation of important operations against militants inside the city, "as referring to" the existence of other groups working to hit Daash secretly ". On the other hand continues the national crowd camps in Mosul constant training, which absorbed more than eight thousand volunteers, and stopped due to lack of support. reveals Alsurja, one of the officials in the crowd Musli, they" received a government book to transfer trainees to Spyker, "a It is find Alsurja as "poses difficult for volunteers to cut off the long distance between the two provinces," pointing out that "most of the volunteers displaced and live in Kurdistan and Kirkuk, as most of them did not receive a salary six months ago." conflict on women and power in the inside of Mosul, were recently , clashes between Iraqi wings and foreign affiliated to al Daash killed on the track 13 insurgents and wounded dozens city center. confirms official in the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Mosul happy Mmousine, that "the reason for the dispute is the sharing of power, money and women." reveals Mmousine, which is in touch with a number of the population within the city, that "Daash play since the days of campaigns inspection in some neighborhoods of Mosul, and collect weapons and mobiles and dishwasher space capture", adding that "these measures came because of fears of contacts conducted by the population with the Iraqi forces." Wael grace

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