Calls for activating the construction industry

8/27/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD joy pumice
with the orientations of the government in its economic reform program, and especially the public and private industrial sector, reflected the country's need to activate the construction industries of construction materials, which are a key factor in the housing and service projects that affect the lives of the citizen sector, as well as the industry offers many opportunities Alaml.ovi this regard, the economic expert Majid Muhammad called for the need to reduce the import of these materials and activation of its industry in Iraq, saying that the process of evolution in Iraq requires taking the necessary measures by the competent authorities to support the construction industry, whether in the public or private sector, especially given that there more than 35 plants to the private sector almost closed, and the public sector plants do not produce the required energy.

He attributed Mohammed in his statement »Sabah» the reasons for the activation of these factories, to the lack of necessary to satisfy the local market facilities, especially as the country has more than 250 newly factories Block, pointing out that the problem of non-operated and produced the required power lies in the absence of electrical power and the lack of supply factories oil derivatives at subsidized prices, which led to the obstruction of the production of these plants.

He also noted the presence of 21 laboratories for cement production capacity of 27 million tons, do not work as required, as it is currently producing less than 12 million tons per year, while the remainder of the needs of the country are imported from Iraq's neighboring countries, especially as the specifications do not fit with the Iraqi cement which is characterized by high quality according to international standards specifications.

As for the steel and iron factories inside the building and construction operations, stressed expert on the restructuring of the public sector factories factory Basra steel iron capacity of 500 thousand tons, urging the developed and operated to meet the needs of the local market, even a few percent, as well as to provide adequate support to all construction materials factories, to contribute to increase production of these materials by electric power and provide derivatives, the introduction of mechanization of modern technology, as well as the operation of labor and the development of Mlakatha.