Choice of international institutions overseeing the spending

8/27/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb
builds economic affairs experts have high hopes on the 5 trillion dinars allocated by the Central Bank of Iraq to support development projects, where they demanded that the mechanism is overseeing the implementation of this allocation funded by a specialized international institutions to prevent any case of manipulation projects. Economist Abbas Shamara stressed in an interview with {morning} on the sidelines of the consultative meeting for the national team on the need to work towards attention obsolete implementation of the projects and that the 5 trillion dinars to industrial projects and agricultural development a real help to stimulate the national economy translated, and reconsider the possibility of Iraq's return to economic barn Atah.oaguetrah Shamara formation of a committee of specialists is supervised by the Prime Minister or his nominee to approach the ASEAN Foundation, in order to open an account is converted allocated to the amounts to be Iraq has ensured the confidence of all international companies for construction and reconstruction that can be handled Mstqubla.ofatt to the importance of selecting the two institutions Rchintin at the very least to oversee every dollar spent as a Deloitte or Arernst & Young or institution any other institution sober, and must choose two institutions two international Rchintin for the development of strategic studies and geographical survey and the population to be able to project development as required by the need.

Shamara proposed the signing of an agreement between Iraq and China, as well as with the European common market of any industrialized nations to participate in the implementation of the industrial, agricultural and residential projects, noting the importance of the establishment of joint stock companies for projects that will be implemented and the right for every Iraqi citizen to contribute and participate and to invite foreign capital to participate and work, and so we are working to restore confidence The hope of the citizen local executive capacities, as we have saved us from these amounts corrupt (he said) He pointed out the importance of restoring confidence between Iraq and the international effort evolving, noting the importance of giving the right of every citizen to see and as a contributor to oversee the implementation of the projects.