The budget and adjust the economic mobility

8/27/2015 0:00

Ali Hassan al-Fawaz
seems to knot the formulation of realistic budget will continue to accompany the Iraqi economy, as it will continue to be the political dimension is dominant on the formulation of economic decision, Vozmat previous budgets associated with the illusion (the oil price), which some imagine that N hot landing!

Like the fact the oil now, and without regard to regional and international political authorities governing the oil equation, especially that most of the countries of OPEC Middle East depends on oil revenues, and it is this marginalization will be vulnerable to crises and risks of the economic deficit, which affects their budgets.

Iraq depends on its economic system to 93-95 percent for oil, and puts budgets, the amounts in the light of the oil situation and its ability export, which means the absence of estimates of strategic economic and political dimensions of what could happen in the oil market, which is governed by international policies and agendas of countries with interests and trenches known.

The most serious economic deficit suffered by the Iraqi economy reveals this planning problem, and ill dealing with the oil's management and with the complexities and circumstances, especially the natural rent for this economy to contribute to a great extent in bringing about social and service problems, and reflected on identifying the features of investment and operational features in the same budget, and most of these problems the lack of compensatory sources wealth to cover the deficit, with the weakness of the laws and remedies relating to the tax system, and poor border ports management, and the absence of any realistic treatment of the private sector and activating the effort in the Iraqi market, as opposed to a dangerous presence of slums governing system import and in the rings can the private sector (agricultural and industrial-pharmacological) processing and securing a lot of the local market needs, as well as the confusion of economic policies that relate to side the investment and the absence of the ruling central plans and the organization and encouraging him.

Consequently, we find ourselves in front of the facts lacks many of the control and regulation and Alqonnh, with multiple sources of the resolution.

The poor banking system monitor and control responsibilities control Alognih Currency facing serious corruption movement, and the laundering secret funds, or even in the output of this currency against the weakening of entry to the country.

to talk about the rationalization of expenditure, adjust the dollar, and even resort to the granting of the bond is not enough to face the reality originally to institutionalize the missing, real and controlled, and out of the tunnel political routers.

So However orientation now is comprehensive reform in the political structure and the face of corruption and inflation Orwellian in the state institution should be drawn to the episode the most dangerous in the reformist side and that relate to what can be termed a (reform economies) and work to rein in inflation, output also for corruption and poor spending restraint, management and planning, and even resorting to budgets Performing political purposes, which is often put economic effort in front of deep trouble, and before the emergence of soft areas in which accommodates the operating budget and put pressure on the national budget in general, with the opening of the door without the expense of the area of staffing, which Sinhec institutions State away from the search for treatments based on the revitalization of the investment side, and begin to develop a practical plan for the recovery of the private sector and absorb a lot of aspects of unemployment, with the correlation application program to import systematic, and according to the maximum and strategic needs.

Add to that the real application of the tariff of customs at all border crossing points, especially on the production of similar goods, it will be support for the protection of the local product, and create real competition in the market component
of Iraq.