Iraqi Defense expected new contracts for $ 1.6 billion, and Russia provide it with a new batch of helicopters
Date of publication: 26.08.2015 | 21:47 GMT

Iraqi Ministry of Defense announced the signing of 36 new contracts, instead of 16 contracts canceled by the ministry for various reasons, including those related to suspicions of corruption, uncertain provide two billion dollars to the state treasury.

And Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi during the meeting that "the ministry has been able in the past few days, as part of a review of different ministry contracts, the cancellation of 16 contracts valued at $ 3 billion and $ 424 million, and for various reasons, including those related to suspicions of corruption, including not necessary for the mechanism of building the army and the requirements of the battle in the face of limited resources of the state, and another section was canceled for lack of legal contractual terms of the proper form. "

Obeidi added that the ministry was able after the cancellation of these contracts from the exploitation of the amount of one billion and 600 million of them for the signing of 36 contracts "are all poured in the perpetuation of the battle requirements against the forces of terrorism," referring to the provision of about $ 2 billion public treasury of the country for the benefit of under difficult economic conditions. "

For his part, said the Russian site "Sputnik" that transport aircraft "Ann -124" carried on board a new batch of Russian attack helicopters "Mi -35 m" and "The Mi -28" or what is known as "night hunter" to Iraq.

The Web site said that according to the program delivery of military helicopters to Iraq has been handed over Baghdad, four attack helicopters "Mi -35 m" and four other model "Mi -28" The full combat configuration and equipped with night vision.

According to the contracts signed, the Baghdad will receive until 2016 on 43 attack helicopter, including 24 helicopter "Mi -35 m" and 19 of the model "Mi -28 that", noting that the Iraqi army received so far 16 helicopter "Mi -35 m" and 11 of the model, "said Mai -28".