Iraqi President has announced his support for the demands of the protesters to amend the constitution to reform the system of

He agreed Iraqi President, Fuad Masum, on Wednesday on the need to amend the constitution in response to the demands of the protesters in order to reform the referee who streaked corruption and mismanagement system.

The Iraqi president said in a televised speech that although "we have agreed on the need to reform the constitution, but does not have to disagree about the value and importance of the document voted on by the people."

Masum said that the Iraqi constitution should be amended, not to exceed criticism in a virtual plan of the Iraqi prime minister, Haydar al-Abadi, of the abolition of the Vice-President positions provided for by the Constitution
Iraqi president did not specify the nature of the constitutional reforms.

The Iraqi president stressed "the importance of respecting the principles of the Constitution as the basis for reforms and for any measures", adding that "the Constitution is the fundamental document that binds Iraqis with each other and establish ties of citizenship and equality of rights."

Masum said he "supports the demands of the demonstrators" and expressed his "appreciation for the support by reference Tedeidh reform measures of the government."

Iraqi President stressed the need for more democratic freedoms "to the people of worth freedoms" and urged the creation of "all means victory for all who have the honor of our heroes and fathers age Aldoaash criminals".

He called infallible government, "not only to timely and immediate or austerity measures, and called on the judiciary to conduct necessary reforms in the structure of the judiciary under the Constitution."

The Iraqi prime minister, Haydar al-Abadi, launched a major campaign for reform last month, saying he may seek to amend the constitution.

Infallible and called for "further reform measures and greater cooperation between the political forces in Parliament with the government and with the presidencies in favor of the completion of a comprehensive national program for reform".
Iraq has witnessed continuous protests against the deterioration of services provided by the government and the continuation of a power outage.

And called on the supreme religious authority in Iraq, Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, on August 7th / August to take "drastic action" against corruption.

Abadi put reform program includes two deputy prime ministers cancel positions that fall within his powers after, in addition to the abolition of the Vice President positions provided for by the Constitution, which can not be repealed without amending the constitution.