Deputy: Sinead resigned from parliament to replace Maliki
Aug 26 2015

(Voice of Iraq) - Roudao said a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee for the Kurdistan Islamic Union bloc, Adel Noori, the MP for the coalition of state law Hassan Sinead, resigned from the membership of the House of Representatives "to be replaced by Nuri al-Maliki," the article from by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. , he said Nuri network Roudao media "were surprised yesterday to provide Sinead his resignation to the presidency of the parliament," explaining that "Sinead was a member of parliament after he nominated his bloc to replace Maliki Mahal, who became vice-president of the Republic, despite the lack of votes obtained in the elections, others and the presence of got more votes. "He added Nuri" After my follow up of the subject I was able to know that Sinead offered to resign under the guidance of the call and the State of Law bloc Party, in the sense that the party and the bloc are trying to re-Maliki to parliament to get his parliamentary immunity. "

He stressed member of the Integrity Committee that he would try his own "Preventing membership Sinead Maliki replaced", stressing that "if al-Maliki returned to parliament as deputy will get parliamentary immunity and then the judiciary can not be held accountable to the files provided by the Parliament it." He called Nuri "all MPs and politicians, especially members of the State of Law bloc, to the disapproval of the Back-Maliki to parliament only after hold him accountable in the judiciary, to prove that he is accused or innocent of the right to a timely return to the parliament. "declared MP for the coalition of state law Hassan Sinead, during a press conference in Baghdad (08/25/2015) about to submit his resignation to head the House of Representatives. In contrast, the MP said the state law Jassim Mohammed Roudao "There is no truth to those who say that the return Maliki to parliament aimed at obtaining parliamentary immunity." Jassim said that "al-Maliki answered all questions before it on the issue of the fall of Mosul, however Daash, and there is no charge against him, and the judiciary is the highest authority in the country, which decides the accused and the guilty. "Jassim stressed that" Maliki is ready to appear before the courts if his call either now or if it becomes a deputy in the parliament ", concluding by saying," only not-Maliki but all Iraqis must be brought before the courts at the request of the Court to attend.