Zamili is expected to vote on the law in the National Guard Thursday's meeting tomorrow

Expect the President of the Security Committee in Parliament of quitting, Wednesday, vote on the draft National Guard law in the parliament session for tomorrow, Thursday, pointing out that the committee is working to reach a formula satisfactory to all parties on the draft law.

He Zamili during a press conference held in the parliament building and attended by Agency / information / he "commissioned by the Presidium of the House of Representatives turned opinion to the security and defense committee in Parliament to decide on the passing of the National Guard Act and the resolution of the dispute about whether to vote or not."
He added that "the Presidency felt that the parliamentary committee are discuss the matter and resolve disputes out by the centrist satisfy everyone, "asserting that" the political blocs failed to come out of a uniform agreement to pass the bill so there are frequent meetings with the Presidency and the leaders of the blocs on resolving points of contention.

"He said the" end Alasasayh is that we move to enact a law National Guard who will be the legitimate and constitutional cover to rally public and fighters clans and volunteers and maintain their rights as well as the rights of the martyrs and the wounded, so as to enhance the continuity of the steadfastness of the fighters against terrorism through legislation National Guard Law, "expected" vote on the law in tomorrow's meeting, on Thursday.
"raised Guard Law National big differences within the dome of the parliament and political blocs, where some saw the nucleus of the division of the country, at a time when some of the blocks demanded by endorsing the popular crowd and make hard-core in Cecchelath.anthy