Sources: Peshmerga extracted today from ten villages Daash

Twilight News military sources / Her-backed Kurdish forces with air strikes launched by US-led coalition expelled Daash of ten villages in the province of Kirkuk.

The attack began at dawn in the town of Daquq, about 175 kilometers north of the Iraqi capital Baghdad. The sources said that by the evening was the Kurdish forces took control of an area of ​​about 250 square kilometers.

An aide to the commander of Kurdish participate in the process that five of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces had been killed, mostly due to improvised explosive devices.

The front lines did not move between the Peshmerga forces and fighters of the militant group in northern Iraq for months.

Brigadier-General Abdul Rahman Araz "This area (near Daquq) represented a threat to the main road from Baghdad to Kirkuk and the Kurdish villages and other villages adjacent to the areas controlled by the Daash".

Peshmerga forces and emerged as an important partner of the United States in its campaign to air Daash. Kurdish forces have been able to force the Daash to retreat in northern Iraq.

During the past summer, completely dominated by the Kurds over the disputed city of Kirkuk after leaving the Iraqi military bases there, but in the western parts of the province are still under the control of Daash.