The decision to cancel the posts of Vice-President and Minister does not need a presidential decree

Confirmed legal expert Tareq Harb, Monday, that the order issued by Prime Minister Hder Abadi, the abolition of the position of his deputies, deputies infallible does not require a presidential decree. He said war told / information /, that "Cancel the position of a key deputy ministers Republic does not require a presidential decree, as some claim, decision to Abadi is to cancel the positions and not dismiss, "explaining that" if it is al-Abadi is to forgive would have been needed to presidential decree. "He added that" a key deputy ministers and the republic did not exercise their work since the issuance of an order Abadi cancel office, "noting that" al-Abadi's decision to cancel the positions of key deputy ministers and Republic support the legitimacy of the House of Representatives when it voted on the reform package. "The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has passed a resolution to cancel the posts of Vice-President of the Republic, the Council him honest, and was transferred to the Parliament who voted unanimously on a number of reforms made ​​by Abadi, including the abolition of positions of the presidents and Wazzra.anthy / 25 u