During a meeting with Amina Baghdad ..heik d. Hamoudi stresses actually improve the service to Baghdad and d. Alloush stresses: the Rusafa water will enter service very soon

The member of the board of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives Sheikh d. Hamoudi to the occasion and quick mechanism to actually improve the service to the city of Baghdad and following the actual policy to address the problems and obstacles of service implementation and follow-up in accordance with the timeframe specified mode. He stressed Sheikh d. Hamoudi during a meeting with Dr. Amina Baghdad. Alloush in the memory of his own office, the importance of accelerating the implementation of service projects lagging, and detect all the previous files since 2003, so far, stressing the need for appropriate and smooth mechanism to receive complaints of citizens in various areas of the capital and work on the completion status.

For her part, Amina Baghdad opened for complaints and Alambeshralleha supervision and follow-up day, as well as the receipt of observations and constraints on its personal and locations of the Secretariat and the various municipalities. Ms. Secretary explained near the completion of the Rusafa water project that will solve the problem of water scarcity, where you will direct the date very soon, indicating that "there is no area of the capital not reached by the water but never overtaking areas, which will also be addressed in accordance with the law.