Sheikh d. Hamoudi: the country's economy is threatened by the danger and our dependence on oil without the support of the private sector and investment is a big mistake

He warned a member of the board of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives Sheikh d. Hamoudi of falling global oil prices, stressing that the country's economy "endangered" that is not private sector and investment support, as well as opening windows to other alternatives such as agriculture, industry, tourism, production and other resources, which has suffered a recession for a long time.

He called Sheikh d. Hamoudi during a meeting with the relevant committee in the economic aspect of the Iraqi elite organization and competencies, House committees to take a role in the activation of national and private sectors in support of the wheel of the national economy. And the First Deputy Chairman of the Council that reliance on oil resources and neglecting the economic resources available to other big mistake in the country, pointing out the importance of supporting private sector investment and to contribute to the development of the economy and reduce the unemployment rate in the country. Sheikh Hamoudi stressed the "need for a comprehensive and thoughtful economic system and monetary policy balanced and clear, adapted to the size of the natural and human resources and take into account the fluctuations in oil prices, and the existing deficit in the budget.