Jamal Muhammadawi: Presidency of the parliament decided to interrogate Fahdawi in absentia in the event of his absence

BAGHDAD / .. assured the House of Representatives on the mass of Virtue beauty Muhammadawi, Tuesday, that the Presidency of the Council of Representatives decided to interrogate the Minister of Electricity Qassim Fahdawi in absentia in the event of his absence, adding that he would force it to withdraw confidence in him or resort to another decision, while adding that the request ft 105 deputies signed for the inclusion of former ministers as well as the Chairman of the Committee on Energy in the interrogation. Said Muhammadawi for "Eye Iraq News", that "the first paragraph of the meeting included the interrogation Fahdawi but presented a challenge for the presidency of the Council because it is illegal," saying, "The president rejected the appeal and confirmed it moves the subject of interrogation specific next Saturday as the deadline for the presence of the minister." Muhammadawi He explained that "the request for the signing of the 105 deputies in the Chamber of Deputies was lifted to the presidency for the purpose of withdrawing the purpose of questioning the involvement of former Minister and Chairman of the Energy Committee at the meeting."
In regard to connected Muhammadawi that "the political blocs in parliament stressed completed Mlahoudadtha about the law of parties, but the committees of civil society institutions and the Legal Committee, considered the postponement of voting on it under the pretext of the late arrival of Almlahoudat it."

The House of Representatives to raise its regular, held on Tuesday, led by Saleem al-Jubouri, and the membership of 250 deputies, to next Thursday, after a delay a vote on the law of parties, and the absence of the Minister of Electricity Fahdawi, while initially voted on a bill defining the mandates of the three presidencies, and finished the first reading delegation of authority to the proposed law, and the draft training center and the development of transport law, as well as other projects on Aamalh.anthy / M.g table