Government is the rise in the dollar to stimulate national production positive indicator

Maliki's coalition calls for "accountability" those responsible for the "flood the market and currency manipulators"...Long-Presse / Baghda...It called for a coalition of state law, on Wednesday, following up flood the market by other countries file and holding accountable those who stand behind it, and stressed the importance of monitoring banking transactions and "manipulation" auction currency, as called for the judiciary to "propose legislation enabling them to fight against corruption and the corrupt more effectively ", he stressed the need for economists to by judges to enable them to pursue complex files. The leader of the coalition of state law Khalid al-Asadi, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The judiciary should rise to the level of dangerous phenomena experienced by the country," noting that "everyone knows the existence of dumping of the Iraqi economy operations by neighboring and exporting countries." He said al-Asadi, to "flood the market harms the national economy and destroy the local industry," stressing "the lack of judicial proceedings can be relied upon to reduce the phenomenon of flooding the market, although it is one of the largest manifestations of corruption in the country."
He said the leader of the coalition, led by Nuri al-Maliki, that "dumping destroyed the domestic industry and led to widespread unemployment," pointing out that "local companies relying on what turned out to imported form a disaster for the economy of the country."
He called al-Asadi, "the judicial authorities and the prosecution and the Supreme Audit follow-up to file dumping," and expressed surprise at the "lack of the Ministry of Planning and move in that direction."
He said al-Asadi, that "banking and manipulation that gets in the currency auction, which Iraq lost millions of dollars a day, damaging the Iraqi economy," and wondered of "responsible for the follow-up that involved manipulation and accounting."
He called on the leader of the al-Maliki coalition of the judiciary, to "propose legislation enabling them to corruption and the corrupt warrior more effectively", suggesting "the existence of economists along with the judges to enable them to pursue complex files with too much corruption."
Experiencing the Iraqi market Anflata importing ones since 2003, particularly from neighboring countries, which led to, among other factors, to a significant decline in domestic industrial and agricultural sectors.