Under the pressure of the masses ..alqdhae seen the files of corruption may condemn al-Maliki and his cabinet ministers

/ August: detection of the Committee on Parliamentary Integrity's intention to eliminate the consideration of the files concerning the squandering of public money, in the previous government the time of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, noting that "public pressure drove those files from the drawers."Committee Chairman Talal Zobaie , in a statement reported L / Iraq Press /, on Wednesday, "We have a high coordination with the Supreme Judicial Council to speed up the resolution of files on the fight against corruption, which was placed in the drawers, but as a result of popular pressure there to pay to move it," adding that "in the coming days will be announced for many of them. "experiencingBaghdad and ten other provinces for weeks massive demonstrations calling for the elimination of administrative and financial corruption and make the corrupt officials to the competent courts. And that" these files belong to the previous government and the beginning of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and down for most of the former ministers about the waste of public money. " , adding that "the committee will host committees energy, services and the economy in the previous government officials in addition to these committees officials in the current government." He pointed Zobaie that "the committee will host also former Prime Minister al-Maliki and the current Haider al-Abadi and all this within the Integrity Commission plan to diagnose the imbalance in waste of Iraqi money. "He added that" the Parliamentary Integrity Committee has today directives on anti-corruption dramatically, and there are high-level coordination between the Integrity Commission and field committees in our committee, and we have visited a number of many ministries with investigators and auditors from the Integrity Commission for the ground on what is going on in the ministries and the existing imbalance because of rampant corruption ".anthy (1)