Chairman of the parliamentary security and defense of quitting Zamili likely vote on the National Guard Law Tomorrow

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Likely chairman of the security and defense committee in the House of Representatives of quitting, on Wednesday, the possibility of a vote on the National Guard law through parliament session registration will be held on Thursday, in the event of resolving points of contention, as he emphasized that the law is aimed at giving a legal cover and constitutional for the crowd and popular fighters clans and volunteers . He said of quitting during a press conference at the parliament building and attended (range Press), "The Commission on Security and Defense currently discussing the possibility of voting on the draft of the National Guard law during the parliamentary session to be held on Thursday," noting that "the presidency of the parliament turned to decide the issue of resolving the possibility of voting whether or not the law and resolve disputes thereon to the Commission. "
He Zamili, that "the aim of the legislation is the law in order to give a legal and constitutional cover to rally public and tribal fighters and volunteers and the preservation of their rights and to enhance the continuity of the steadfastness of the fighters against terrorism."
The Presidency of the Council of Representatives of Iraq lifted, Tuesday, (August 25, 2015), the 15th session of the legislative term of the first second legislative year to the day on Thursday, after the vote on a number of laws, was postponed questioning the Minister of Electricity to next Saturday.
The new House Speaker Saleem al-Jubouri, on Wednesday, (August 19, 2015), calling the political blocs to approve the National Guard Law in the coming period, and said the law will protect the rights of the fighters who will run in the decisive battle for the Liberation of Anbar province, calling for greater support for al Anbar, including contribute to speeding up the liberalization of the province of Daash.