Abadi: I will not just sit back on the reforms because they are constitutional and legal

Twilight News / Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Wednesday vowed not to retreat from reform plan passed by Parliament viewing it as illegal and unconstitutional.

Ebadi said during a meeting with a number of media and cultural elites and political analysts in the presence of a number of MPs and politicians that | reforms voted on by the Council of Ministers and the Council of constitutional and legal Representatives will not retract it. "

He said on the other side of his speech that "our struggle with Daash and Judy guerrilla fighters and heroes need for the award because they are original in the battle."

"I do not return for reforms and that the political system was a need public pressure to improve performance and accelerate the process of reforms."
He noted that the "first step in the strategy of reform in the ministries Baltrchiq been a blow to the very core of the system of quotas."