Masum: I call for further reforms and support the demands of the demonstrators and must be reform of the judiciary

Wednesday 26-08-2015 | 8:02:28

Twilight News President Fuad Masum / on Wednesday called for further reform measures and greater cooperation between the political forces in Parliament with the government and with the presidencies in favor of the completion of a comprehensive national program of reform.

He stressed infallible in his face in a televised speech to the Iraqi people on the need for more democratic freedoms "to the people of worth freedoms", also called for creation of "all means victory for all who have the honor of our heroes and fathers age Aldoaash criminals".

The new infallible support for the demands of the demonstrators and appreciation for its support by reference Tedeidh reform measures of the government, calling on the government to not only timely and immediate or austerity measures.

He called the judiciary to conduct necessary reforms in the structure of the judiciary under the Constitution.

President of the Republic also stressed the importance of respecting the principles of the Constitution as the basis for reforms and for any action, noting that the Constitution is the fundamental document that binds Iraqis with each other and establish ties of citizenship and equality of rights.

While praised the role of security forces in maintaining security and safety of the demonstrators and secure atmosphere of freedom for them, expressed severe condemnation is not responsible for any actions against demonstrators calling for the security and judicial authorities to take action against the offenders.