Supreme Judicial Council and the Federal Court's headquarters in Iraq Mahmood: 8/26
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Thread: Supreme Judicial Council and the Federal Court's headquarters in Iraq Mahmood: 8/26

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    Supreme Judicial Council and the Federal Court's headquarters in Iraq Mahmood: 8/26

    Mahmood: We have formed three committees to implement judicial reforms and must be enabled to recover wanted abroad

    Long-Presse / Baghdad - The President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Medhat al-Mahmoud, on Wednesday, the formation of three committees to follow up the judicial reforms, especially judges and public prosecutors salaries of the project, as he emphasized the need to activate the recovery wanted abroad measures in coordination with the International Police (Interpol), pointed out that the Judicial Council issued sanctions against 107 judges during the past five years.

    Said Medhat al-Mahmoud in a speech during repeating the section of the graduates of 36 session in the Judicial Institute ceremony attended by, the (long-Presse), "it was a draft law to the salaries of judges and public prosecutors all take into account the requirements of living in the light of the tasks they perform and the risks that surround them develop," stressing the need to "be a law for judges to take into account the salaries and allowances judge the living and the requirements of vaccinated taking into account the financial situation of the state."

    Mahmood said that "the Supreme Judicial Council form three committees to follow up the judicial reforms, especially judges and public prosecutors' salaries project," noting that "the first Commission competent follow-up to legislative matters and the second to follow up on administrative matters and the Third Committee to follow up on financial matters."

    He said the President of the Supreme Judicial Council to "file recovery in 1166, face to Interpol to arrest the suspects," stressing that "to deal with these files is not a way that we want, and we must do this Files Recovery and arrested the suspects to be tried."

    Mahmood said that "the judiciary lists a number of ministers and general managers who have been sentenced, but do not want to Nchehr, dividing them issued against them in absentia provisions, and the other part been sentenced adversarial and bundled into prison," calling those sentenced in absentia to " habeas corpus and prove their innocence and guarantee a fair trial and full respect for each defendant in that retried in crimes and takes his share. "

    Mahmood said he "was convicted 29 defendants of the degree of general manager and over 24 of them presented their cases before the courts," referring to "the issuance of sanctions against 107 judges during the past five years."

    The Supreme Judicial Council on the 18th of August 2015, called for the activation of arrest warrants and travel ban against the accused, called the House of Representatives to expedite the laws relating to the judiciary legislation, in the face of intensifying the completion of criminal cases, especially of "terrorism" and financial corruption efforts.

    The president of the Federal Judiciary, Medhat al-Mahmoud, on Thursday, (August 13, 2015), to send the Code of Federal judiciary bills to its legislation in accordance with the constitutional contexts, as he emphasized that it came after the development of these projects with the consolidation of the independence of the judiciary.

    It accuses some political blocs, several international destinations, the Iraqi judiciary siding with the government in its decisions and cites incidents of several in which the Federal Court issued and other Iraqi courts, decisions, "poured in the government's interest", such as the largest bloc decision, and refused to distribute cash to the citizens of the oil share , and other issues, as well as other charges of using the government, "the judicial arms" against its opponents by accusing them of "terrorism" in the context of "politically Tsagathm".

    Send laws and comes two days after the approval of the Iraqi Council of Representatives after, on Tuesday (11 August 2015), the reformist decisions taken by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi reform and proposals announced by the Iraqi Council of Representatives. 4593%2Fالمحمود-شكلنا-ثلاث-لجان-لتنفيذ-الإص&edit-text=
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