Sabir Al-Issawi first detained in corruption cases. The rest comes
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Date: Wednesday, 26-08-15 03:46 am

Baghdad news/Haider alamshani
Countdown to impatient protesters eager to apply packages

Reform accounting mischief, along with invitations to the need for judicial reform, Pant features visible reform after he was accused of procrastination, the trial of those accused of corruption during the period of their presence in the ministerial and administrative positions, which was spearheaded by former Baghdad Mayor Saber Al-Issawi, was perhaps the first step toward accountability spoilers actually without procrastination, which is one of the priorities of the demands of the Iraqi Street, where specialized court issued the files integrity and money-laundering and economic crime in Baghdad, adversarial to imprisonment for one year The right of Al-Issawi on Rashid street reconstruction only, this may not be the last judgement, as long as there are other corruption cases during the Al-Issawi Secretary Baghdad, military channel and project forestation and other parks, with the Declaration of the competent court sentenced Al-Issawi, at this time, specifically, this provision may prove key to sentencing the right modules in large corruption cases.
Legal expert says Tariq Harb for "Baghdad" that represent real and practical aspect of the reform process led by the Prime Minister and the punishment before the phenomenon of corruption is an urgent need for a real sanction for any spoiler, so it would only be consistent with reforms Abadi to achieve the legitimate demands of the protesters, said that issuing such a ruling is a clear indication of all spoilers to eliminate serious version of the spoilers, whatever his position and level the puffer has long been noted that the competent court The issue of Al-Issawi condemnation for exploiting it.
Civilian observers of the reform process: the most important application of the reform of accounting paper spoilers who failed in their duties or stole the people's money as he said Mohammed Fadhil said in an interview with "news" that Al-essawi timely fact the Iraqi Street during the past few days questioned the application of the reform paper on the ground of not seeing any former or current official in the dock, but today, with the verdict on Al-Issawi DART wheel intentions off, Contested those doubts, Fazel called to go eliminate sentencing and announced to the public in order to reassure the Iraqi Street that could be spoilers but sentenced to be a lesson for everyone who intends to steal this people and playing with destiny.
Information indicates that a number of other former officials convicted of corruption issued sentences on a number of issues and are currently held in prisons and among these characters, former General Manager of infrastructure at the Ministry of Interior team Abdul Amir, who dismissed Yu in the first tsnmh of the Interior Ministry, which issued his two elimination on two issues related to corruption and others least in the dock, and what these actions are not spoilers right to put the reform on right track.
Specialized court files integrity and money-laundering and economic crime in Baghdad, adversarial to imprisonment for one year, former Secretary-General to Baghdad and said judge Misdemeanours Court Radi Al-fartusi, said in a statement reported by the site of the judiciary, "the former Secretary-General condemned the Court of Baghdad, Sabir Al-Issawi on Rashid street reconstruction file." and he was convicted to imprisonment for one year ", pointing out that" the decision was taken in accordance with article 133 of the penal law. "he noted that" the reported decision adversarial, that convicted was Present in the dock and was placed in jail.