Parliamentary Finance: We will host Governor of the Central Bank to discuss the "money laundering"

By mostafa emed

26/08/2015 11:23

Brother - Baghdad
Announced the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives member Haidar Mutlaq al-Kaabi, said the agenda of the Finance Committee for today is to discuss the subject of money laundering.

Kaabi said: "The parliamentary Finance Committee today will discuss this subject of money laundering and will be hosting the Governor of the Central Bank, the chief prosecutor in the Supreme Judicial Council.

He added, "will also be on this subject Hosting Director Office of money laundering in the central bank and the official file in the Office of Financial Supervision and money laundering official at the National Intelligence Service file.

He stressed member of the Finance Committee: "The money laundering file is very dangerous and there are several parties involved in the money laundering operations of them became senior traders and owners of big money, so this file must be enabled through legislation and Accountability Act of involvement so."