National: fixes Abadi just "austerity measures"! 8/26
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Thread: National: fixes Abadi just "austerity measures"! 8/26

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    National: fixes Abadi just "austerity measures"! 8/26

    National: fixes Abadi just "austerity measures"!

    Mohammed Al-karbouli, a member of the Alliance of patriotic forces, the Government Reform Committee "whose features were unclear.

    Karbouli, believes that reforms of unmet demands Abadi Iraqi Street, as "austerity measures" did not affect the service side who came out for the demonstrators.

    Karbouli stressed the need to take into account "the representation of components in the ratings, according to parliamentary seats, the nonconformity the degrees of agents and general managers should be assigned the" professionals ".

    While Al-karbouli said that all blocks announced support for reforms and given freedom of choice-Abadi and bring people professionals and technocrats in important executive positions, bypassing the Prime Minister ruled out "the test", by addressing financial and security crises.

    In turn, Shaykh Hamid Reza, a spokesman for the Supreme Council, the latter with hotfix packages.

    Reza finds Thursday, "there are constants in the change process, so as not to be subject to criticism," he said, adding that the lack of such reforms of the constitutional framework, ensuring continuity.

    The spokesman demanded the Supreme Council that there be "balance" the new Government representation, depending on the maturity of the electoral components of political blocs.

    He hinted that part of these reforms represent "catharsis of decongestant and prosthesis solutions."

    In turn, said Saad Al-Hadithi, a spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office, the Committee formed by the Prime Minister to consider the development of standards and controls for the titles consist of experts in the Ministry of planning and the integrity Commission, economic development specialists, academics and consultants.

    He said Al-Hadithi, over 4,000 jobs of public managers and advisers and agents of the Ministers and heads of independent bodies will be subject to those standards.

    Hadithi said that future reforms will focus on reducing special grades in other ministries or institutions.

    He was Prime Minister, Haidar Al-Abadi, announced on 17 August 2015, reducing the Cabinet from 33 to 22, through restructuring and merging some ministries. n%3Dview%26id%3D7317
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