Discount Abadi: Abadi "failed" reforms put Iraq on the brink of partition!
Date: Wednesday, 26-08-15 01:19 pm

It seems that Iraq's security and political figure, and attempts to "shy" to take steps to reform by Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, paid political parties to consider such reforms as a reason for putting Iraq before partitioning scenarios than at any previous stage.
Iraqi officials holds responsibility, Abadi through mismanagement of the State, and attempts to raise the banner of reform to hit political opponents and unilateral power gain Wood Street, which pays towards the creation of a new dictatorship in Iraq, topple all the political agreements built on the basis of the Government Al-Abadi.
The view from inside the political opponents of Al-Abadi Al-Dawa that bypass the real reforms that the political blocs accepted and accept the Iraqi Street, the reforms created by the same unique for its partners in Government, although they are incompatible with the Constitution, and cannot be applied, as it does not bring any benefit to Iraq.
For his part, says Kurdish leader Mahmoud Othman said "Abbadi towards individualism and imposing his authority, through its own package of reforms imposed by", stating that "the reforms strike political agreements which formed the Government of Al-Abadi.
"The Constitution governs Iraq in the event of any decision he disagrees, and believes that all breaches of constitutional reforms paper and cannot be applied only through the torpedo the Constitution and reformulated."
He noted that "corruption and political accumulations throughout the previous period of ruling Iraq cannot be fixed independently of the political partners, and that reform will have a paper negative consequences for the country, through the adoption and trying to apply Abadi in isolation from other blocs."
Meanwhile, the head of the Alliance bloc Ahmed tracks that "real reform lies in the implementation of political agreements."
He said "the Government tracks long procrastinated in implementing the terms of the political agreement, which is one of the most important reform steps, and is derived from the need of the people," Al-Ibadi speaks reforms are insufficient, and applies them does not constitute something for the need of the Iraqi people, therefore it is imperative that Abbadi returning to document political and national reconciliation are essential pillars of the Government, is one of the most important needs of people today. "
For his part, warned the head of the Iraqi Turkmen front mp Arshad Salhi "Iraq a threat".
Salehi said in a press statement that "Iraq on critical local and regional consequences and danger", "warning of a breakdown in social and political structure of Iraq."

It is noted that the Shiite spiritual leader Ali al-Sistani had warned Iraq drawn towards partition, defending the Government overloaded from Abadi was their command from previous Governments the responsibility of entering daash, endemic corruption and lack of services.