Legal representative: the Kurds blocked the Federal Court Act should be the inclusion of the judiciary reforms

Special - scales News
He said the legal committee member Slim Shawki, Tuesday, the Kurdistan Alliance wanted to disrupt the work of the Federal Court when they asked to be voting unanimously, pointing out that the coming days will witness the legislation of the Federal Court Act, while stressing the need for the inclusion of judiciary reforms.
Said Shawki's / scales News / that "the Federal Court Act can not go to the next sessions because Iraq is today in the reforms of the revolution have included the presidency of the government and the House of Representatives and must include the judiciary," noting that "there is confirmation from the religious authorities on the need to Events judicial reforms which takes a two-fold is the first legislation of laws regulating the work of the judiciary and the second part is part of the fight against financial and administrative corruption in the judiciary and that task are honest people in the judiciary. "

He added that "can not be the House of Representatives or the President of the Republic to interfere in the work of the judiciary based on the provisions of Article 47 of the Constitution, which makes the separation of powers is the ruler does not have authority over non-law judiciary," he said, adding, "it was the judiciary claim to send drafts laws governing the work of the judiciary beginning of the Supreme Judicial Council and the Prosecutor's Office and judicial supervision and the Appellate Court of the Federal Court in order to be legislation has reached laws to the House of Representatives and the Federal Court Act of the first laws that arrived was read the first and second readings after extensive discussions and are now waiting to vote. "

He said Shawki that "there was a dispute with the Kurdish bloc but today is not the place of the differences was agreed with the other to pass important laws blocs that claims to change some of the material has become a do not force it," stressing that "the Kurds wanted to disrupt the work of the court when they asked to be voting unanimously This is regarded as a disruption of the court of law if he proceeded in this way may not be the court shall take any decision that is contrary to the objective of the legislation. "

"The Kurds will show flexibility and will be law legislation to be the first of the judiciary that is legislation laws," stressing that "the next few days will be initiated Federal Court Act because he arrived to vote and there is a package laws also regulate the functioning of the judiciary will direct them." Ended 29/4 e