Leading mass-Maliki to resign from parliament

Tuesday 25-08-2015
| 2:18:58

Twilight News / MP for the coalition of state law and the leader of the Dawa party, Hassan Sinead for his resignation from the Council of Representatives of Iraq, attributing the cause to a private and objective conditions.

Sinead said to Twilight News, he submitted his resignation to the Vice Presidency of the Council of Representatives, pointing out that the resignation does not carry any political tint and related private and objective conditions

He added that he Sinead waiting for the council to vote on his request to resign.

Sinead is one of the leading members of his party and a coalition of state law, and those close to the former prime minister Nuri al-Maliki, was the head of the security and defense committee in the previous parliamentary session. http://www.ara.shafaaq.com/25549