Maliki Iran spoiled boy .. 8/24
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    Maliki Iran spoiled boy .. 8/24

    Maliki Iran spoiled boy ..

    Iyad al-Dulaimi

    25 August / August --2,015

    With the utmost generosity, a great reception from the members of the coalition of state law, he returned to Baghdad, Nouri al-Maliki, Vice President of the Republic exempt from his post, according to the decision Haider Abadi, head of government, he returned after a visit took days to Tehran, during which he attended a conference held by Iran's Shiite figures from around the world . Returned two days after parliamentary report later revealed that he had, and 35 leading others and responsible, are causing the fall of the city of Mosul, however, state regulation in June 2014.

    When the media reported news of the departure of Nuri al-Maliki to Tehran, everyone predicted he fled from prosecution, especially and that the evidence was a show that involved the first and responsible for the process of the fall of Mosul, not to mention the track another record includes all possible that the head of government is corrupt and sectarian doing.

    After two days of traveling after, al-Maliki appeared in the Tehran conference, speaking a tongue lashing and a suicide bomber Saudi Arabia, as usual, whenever him the opportunity. At the same time, the Committee on the report of the fall of Mosul appeared to openly accuse him of causing it. Here increased doubts some in that it may be arranged at night, between the results of the investigation and travel-Maliki, but that was not the case, we have al-Maliki returned after the appearance of the report two days later, on board an Iranian plane, spoke to the Future of the members of the bloc that have evidence and documents condemns everyone .

    preceding Maliki return to Baghdad to visit the commander of the Qods Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Qassem Soleimani, and held meetings with the window and responsible Iraqi leaders, the media reported that Soleimani warned Abadi from exposure to the owners, and perhaps taken from him a pledge so, returned Maliki is stronger than before, Although the Iraqi demonstrators raised the ceiling of demands, and they are now demanding publicly to death, for his role as the disastrous throughout the years of his reign.

    In the midst of this scene, come the consequences of the differences between the Shiite National Alliance for the presidency of the coalition and other files remained stuck, Abadi appears sitting next to Nuri al-Maliki, in the presence of leaders in the Shiite coalition, which hit the Iraqi street signs demonstrator and demands for reform, confidence Balebadi unwell and his reforms. Is aware of Haider al-Abadi, is also aware of his successor, Iran, and before Nuri al-Maliki, that the eight years he spent Maliki in power period, sectarian mentality that good at weaving intrigues, was enough and are bound to make Maliki person Iran spoiled, not only for his her services and by, but also for his is the same for the post-remove him from the chair of prime minister.

    Yes, al-Maliki has the help of Iran and documents can topple all those who seek to overthrow him, and there is nothing in the current Iraqi government, or in the House of deputies, or in the presidency, or Even at the level of two directors or major military leaders, one only has corruption and criminality file with Nuri al-Maliki and Iran, including the head of the government, Haider al-Abadi.

    "Iran's complex files with the arms of al-Maliki in Iraq, does not want to be revealed, nor come to an end. It is here , will support Iran has continued "

    A complex scene. Calls for reform that came out of the Iraqi people in Baghdad and southern cities seeking to restore rights, after reaching levels of corruption, unemployment and poverty in Iraq to a level it can not be tolerated. Thus, it had to make Abadi to take steps to appease the angry masses, is that these steps were not more than attempts to patch up a large incision. However, even these attempts seem to be on its way to failure, not al-Maliki, and no one from corrupt officials or those convicted were arrested, and even exemption Abadi, Vice-President of the Republic and the government is still dead a decision on paper, the president of the Republic, Fuad Masum, has not yet signed it.

    Maliki is stronger than Abadi, the reality perceived by the latter since served as prime minister a year ago, is also aware that the owners political authority, and influence much of it stronger, he is still in the eyes of Iran lad spoiled, which could play a role in Iraq, not necessarily politically, As to Iran's complex files with the arms of al-Maliki in Iraq, does not want to be revealed, nor come to an end. Hence, Iran will continue to support sustained him. This means Abadi reforms failed, after more than two weeks on its decisions, it is still the people pretend, rose ceilings demands, and are calling for full dissolution of the political process and all outputs since 2003, until he reached the spot to attack personalities and religious codes when Shiites, was, to the pre- demonstrations, a red line.

    will not specify Abadi al-Maliki or Iran or even the next step, not even the Najaf-based representative of Sistani. Iraqis who have decided to pretend to be established, in an attempt to search for Aragahm stolen by politicians and clerics. And come, this time, from arenas and Maadenh pretend, either to continue and to mobilize energies and further unify the visions and demands to root out corrupt political process that produced the spoilers, or security and party Mlxiaoah interventions leading to what may have dire consequences. And then, the cities of the south will not differ from cities west and north of Iraq.
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