Simplification of procedures to achieve economic feasibility

8/26/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD joy pumice
In line with Government directives to streamline procedures in government departments, an economist suggested entrust the work and functioning of agricultural investment license to a competent agricultural department under the Ministry of Agriculture in the province concerned, and sufficiency flags center in Baghdad electronically, which saves time and money from the process.

It urges competent studies in this area to coordinate the administration in line with the movement of agricultural investment by expanding the work of the Agricultural Bank, and work on more measures that encourage investment in this sector through laws and regulations.

An investment license

Expert Ali Mahmoud between »Sabah» What ails the process of obtaining an investment license in the provinces to the fields of agricultural activity in the field of cold storage, poultry, egg production, breeding and fattening calves, and stations cows, from a central transactions include administrative routine draining time and effort and money.

It stresses Mahmoud on the need to refer the work and functioning of the license for these projects Agricultural Department competent under the Ministry of Agriculture in the province concerned, and inform the competent authority in electronically Center, and thus save the country a lot of money and effort that could otherwise be used in other areas, and that after issuing the license and registration of the project , and this is consistent with government directions.

Mechanisms of action

He stated that the investment law will not stop on its own what changes did not take place on the investment environment, and improving the investment climate in the country, and make it an attractive environment for foreign investment and local, calling for serious implementation of each of Applied and administrative mechanisms of action in all areas of our economic work.

According to a study by Dr. Mohamed Abdul Karim nodular seen by «morning» to the importance of the coordination of investment management commensurate with agricultural investment movement in the country, stressing the need for the continuation of the public sector in financing agricultural projects, especially the infrastructure, with a focus on machinery, agricultural machinery manufacturing, In order to be a substitute for imported ones.