President of the Parliament stresses the need to remove obstacles to the return of the displaced people of Diyala province

Chairman of the Board of Representatives, Dr. Salim al-received in his own office, on Tuesday, Ms. Ibtihal Daini director of Displacement and Migration Department in Diyala province. He briefed sovereignty during the meeting, a detailed explanation about the situation of displaced in the province of Diyala and obstacles to the return of the rest of the displaced families, which constitute about two-thirds of the total number, where President al-Jubouri, stressed the need to make the effort of all parties concerned in order to accelerate the rebuilding of the remaining families, especially in the Saadia areas and the great northern Muqdadiyah.
Mr. Speaker also confirmed that next week will hold meetings and extensive contacts for the immediate return of the displaced people Jalawla and remove obstacles to their return, at the same time praising the efforts of Mrs. Daini this regard.
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The President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives