House of Representatives finish reading the five bills and directs an ultimatum to the Minister of Electricity

House of Representatives ended its session usual fifteen, which was held under the chairmanship of Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, President of the Council and in the presence of 246 deputies on Tuesday 25/8/2015, the first reading of five bills in addition to directing Onmaraly Minister of Electricity and its commitment to the necessity of the presence of his interrogation session until next Saturday.
At the outset of the meeting President al-Jubouri announced guidance of the Presidency of the Council ultimatums for ladies and gentlemen MPs who are nearing Gaabathm to reach the limit and it is not allowed according to the rules of procedure, calling to mind the commitment to official hours.
And on the questioning of Mr. Qassim Fahdawi and Ziralkahraba process, between Mr. Speaker MP Salah al-Jubouri progress on 26 July for the presidency of the Council at the request site of 63 deputy for questioning Mr. Minister of Electricity and according to the contexts legal for non-conviction host the minister in the House of Representatives and then refer the request to the legal advisers Book Council was directed to the Office of the Minister of Electricity to make an
appointment to attend Mr. Qassim Fahdawi in front of the House of Representatives for the purpose of interrogation about the delay in the delivery of services.
He said President al-Jubouri said the council confirmed later the content of the book the sender to the Ministry of Electricity over the timing of the meeting to host the minister, adding that the electricity minister submitted a request to the Presidency of the Council to ensure his announcement to appeal the unconstitutionality of interrogation pending appeal submitted its readiness to come before the Council after the resolution of the lawsuit.
Mr. Speaker announced the rejection of the measure, which the oldest him and Minister of Electricity, or any request from any interrogator under the pretext of presenting a lawsuit before the Federal Court, stressing that the establishment of the lawsuit Nothing shall prevent the completion of the interrogation, which is part of the role of the House of Representatives, noting that 103 deputies have made a request but to postpone the questioning presidency of the Council announced its rejection of the request being does not have the right to postpone the questioning of the right of being an applicant based on the interrogation obvious reasons.
President al-Jubouri, and the face of an ultimatum to the Minister of Electricity Mr. Qassim Fahdawi to appear before the Council submitted no later than next Saturday in the absence of his presence will be subject presentation to the Council, which will not only vote against the conviction, but the answers will arrive to the point of withdrawal of confidence about him.
On the other hand, President al-Jubouri warned ladies and gentlemen deputies from making statements to the media are incompatible with the contexts adopted, announcing the formation of the Council committees investigative with some ladies and gentlemen MPs who spoke through the media in violation of public taste and will be informed of the Council the results and sanctions.
Council voted in principle to continue reading a draft law defining the mandates of the three presidencies and provided Legal Committee after the completion of the first reading to him in the previous session.
Then the Council voted on the recommendations of the committees of the oil, energy and integrity Alniabaten on the power crisis.
The report pointed out that the two committees held a series of meetings with government and hosted the number of officials to know the obstacles that prevent the power of citizens to provide and identify the most important challenges of rehabilitation, alluding to hold a joint meeting between the relevant parliamentary committees and the ministries of electricity and oil as well as the host, Mr. Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Oil, Electricity and Finance to discuss the electric power mode.
The report indicated that a large part of the crisis borne of the Energy Committee of Ministers as well as the lack of coordination between the ministries of electricity, oil and non-combat administrative and financial rampant and the weakness of regulatory agencies of corruption and lack of treatment failure in the electrical power projects in the previous government through the random planning and lack of coordination between production, transmission and distribution projects and not take any action against the defaulters.
The report also pointed out that the failure to regulate the previous budgets led to corruption as well as the absence of justice in the electric power between the provinces and the failure of the Ministry of Oil in fuel saving and the failure of the Ministry of Finance to provide the distribution of financial liquidity to the Ministry of Electricity.
The report recommended the need for the Government and the Committee of Ministers the power to provide strategic electric power plan in the next three years and follow-up by the relevant parliamentary committees and work on the formation of an investigative committee is concerned with investigating the files of corruption and the failure of the Ministerial Committee energy work and provide detection of contracts concluded with a resolution of the House of Representatives would oblige the government the importance of detecting and resolving the files of corruption in the previous government referred to the Integrity Commission.
The recommendations also called for obliging the Ministry of Finance, regardless customization on the Ministry of Electricity and activating and encouraging investment in the electricity sector in order to serve the interests of citizens and in accordance with the law and not to sell the stations and host committees Energy Ministerial past and present to indicate the files of corruption and failure in the energy file and the development of a central mechanism by the federal government to protect provincial quotas and distribution of electricity in a fair and commitment of the government to re-evaluation of the cadres in charge of the energy file and claim the premiership installed associate contract workers and daily wage and take the necessary measures to curb the excesses on the national grid. (text of the recommendations)
On the other hand, the Presidency of the Council decided to postpone the first reading of the draft open educational total abolition of the law and provided Education Committee for ripening.
Council ended the first reading of the proposed delegation of authority and submitted by the Committee of the Regions and governorates not organized in a region law as Article 123 of the Constitution passed to the authorities of the federal government to delegate some of its powers to the provinces or vice versa agreement of the parties and the regularity of the functioning of the provinces and establish a mechanism for this authorization.
Council completed the first reading of the draft anti-money laundering law and the financing of terrorism and provided financial, legal, economic and investment committees aimed at curbing money laundering and the financing of terrorism, which has become aggravated in the present era to a large extent and the acceleration of technological development in the banking and funds work, which allowed diversity in the methods of financial fraud and what caused it of harmful effects on the economy, society and the face of criminal activities and combat tactics emerging and reduction and the need for the establishment of the Council and the Office to combat money laundering and financing of terrorism exercises relevant to combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism and the report of sanctions for the perpetrators of these crimes tasks.
Mr. Qutaiba Ibrahim al-Jubouri and sworn deputies in the House of Representatives after his desire to return him to the Council the fact that the seat that had been held and the Iraqi bloc free within the coalition of Iraq vacant Based on Ray State Consultative Council of the possibility of the return of won membership of the House of Representatives and served after a ministerial post were feminine ministry to return to fill the seat in the House of Representatives if vacant.
The Board completed the first reading of the draft first amendment to the law of the ownership documents bearing the nicknames of Displacement and Migration Law No. (79) for the year 2012 submitted by the Committee of deportees and immigrants and expatriates, which comes due to the presence of large numbers of migrants and displaced citizens who did not allow them the opportunity to return home to provide proof applications the ownership documents bearing the names of aliases and the extension of the submission period.
The Council has also completed the first reading of a draft law to accept members of the armed forces and internal security forces and the apparatus of the Iraqi National Intelligence and Security Service Aloutnevi university study and submitted by the committees of security and defense, higher education because of the legislation dealing with acceptance of members of the armed and security forces and the internal device of the Iraqi National Intelligence Service and National Security in universities and colleges and institutes for the purpose of cancellation of the dissolved Revolutionary Command Council Resolution No. (25) for the year 1978 and amended Resolution No. (437) for the year 1989.
The Council voted to re-project training center, develop and submitted by the Committee Services and ages transportation to the government law after ending the first reading of the law, which aims to prepare the rehabilitation and development of the cadres able to keep up with cognitive developments and technological in the field of road transport of people and goods and the Meteorological and improve the quality and efficiency of services provided by the Ministry of Transportation.
And he finished the first reading of the draft imports municipal law and submitted by the committees of the services, construction, financial, which came after a long time on the legislation imports Municipalities Law No. 130 of 1963 is no longer much of its provisions meet the need required by the legislation and the emergence of professions and crafts and new business to be coverage of its provisions as amounts no longer fees contained in the law keep pace with the value of cash and economic conditions at the present time and the large number of amendments that have taken place on it.
Council voted in principle to a request of 46 deputies on printing presses in domestic rather than foreign presses and forwarded to the committees of legal education and to re-wording of the resolution.

Then it decided to adjourn the meeting to next Thursday 27/8/2015
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Iraqi Council of Representatives