Government in the "ninth dialogue" .. between the political agreement and the reform movement

MP for the National Coalition Abdul Karim Abtan, that was considered the only alternative to save Iraq establish a civil state, pointing out that the Iraqi judiciary is at a crossroads and save the unity of the country depends on his performance, and "we have international agreements allow us to arrest the fugitives if they issued the judiciary ordinances against them."

Abtan, in a statement to the program, "the ninth dialogue," the channel "here Baghdad," the space, he explained that the International Criminal Committee is ready to expose corruption files in all parts of the world, pointing out that the total stolen from Iraq's money equivalent to $ 400 million, and added: "We handed You prosecutorial corruption is very important, Three thousands of file corruption by the judiciary is working now, and I have absolute trust in him. "

Abtan felt that the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will succeed in the fight against corruption being chaired the parliamentary finance committee for two sessions, stressing the need to spend the reform in accordance with the constitutional and legal mechanisms, national reconciliation and approval of the General Amnesty and others important pillars of the reform, nor reconcile with the thieves of public money and those involved with the blood of Iraqis.

He concluded by saying that Abtan the current Minister of Electricity does not assume the corruption of the former Ministry of Electricity, pointing the other hand, that all the countries of the world do not possess agricultural inputs available in Iraq.