Industry: the completion of the largest unit for the liquidation of a private sports city in Basra water

[Baghdad - where]
the General Company for Industrial Design and construction of the completed to the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, the largest unit for the liquidation of a private water sports city in the province of Basra, the process of drilling Tunneling that were used in this project, which is the first of its kind in Iraq. According to a statement of the Ministry, on Tuesday, the agency received all of Iraq [where], a copy of "cadres specialized in the company completed its work included design, implementation, testing and processing and extending carrier pipe raw water sports for the city," explaining that "this tube is fed sports city with water from Water Abbasi station to the nearby sports city service area, and the rate of pumping 3250 m3 / h. "He added that" the company Angels in collaboration with the Knight company was able to deliver water from the Abbasid water outlet, which is 16 km from the Sports City and delivers to the units of water that has been filtered established near the city sports sites passing under several bridges and major roads in the city, in addition to cross it out from under the Shatt al-Basra and in a manner drilling Tunneling depth of more than 16 meters where hurt in large basins of water [tanks] number 3 per capacity, including 10,000 m3 to be after the transfer of this water to other basins circular for the purpose of conducting some transactions it and then transferred to the filters special filters the water and then pumped Mea drinkable to the sports center, as well as hotels thereto and other facilities.
"For its part, expressed the company, according to the statement, Astaadadaha for" circulating drilling experience tunneling used for the first time in Iraq to government departments and ministries concerned with this subject, where the company has completed similar work in Baghdad and other Iraqi provinces Mai_khas water purification and treatment ".anthy