Industry plans to trade processing plastic bags and invites the public and private sectors to encourage domestic production


the Ministry of Industry and Minerals announced the determination of Al Furat State Company for Chemical Industries affiliate processing manufacturing and trading of grain enterprises in the Ministry of Commerce of more than six million plastic bag as state institutions and the private sector called on to support the acquisition of the domestic product of plastic woven bags.
According to a ministry statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of "public Euphrates company owns a factory integrated works sophisticated technology from a company [BSW] Austrian for the production of plastic woven bags of different weights and measurements which are utilized in various materials of grain, flour, rice, dates, feed, fertilizer mobilize and other standard specifications card 30 million bags per year to supplement the ministries of industry, trade, agriculture and the domestic market, according to the quantities and specifications required, noting that "the work is continuing to complete the second phase of the project and raise production capacity to reach 50 million bags per year to cover needed public and private sectors.
He explained that the company We are about to sign two contracts with two companies belonging to the Ministry of Commerce, the first for the processing of the amount of 2.5 million bag and the other the amount of 4 million plastic bag, pointing out that "another contract to equip the State Company for Southern Fertilizer in Basra two million bag as well as continue to meet the demands of private sector companies, However, he noted "The company is facing a disabled weakness of marketing the product and the difficulty of discharge for the past periods, calling on all beneficiaries to meet the needs of national products to companies and the Ministry of Industry and Minerals, including plastic bags product, stressing at the same time to provide potential and prepare the company for the production and processing customized .anthy