Qomi: America, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Iraq behind the demonstrations!

Follow-up scales News - Former Iranian ambassador to Iraq, Hassan Kazemi Qomi, said Tuesday that the demonstrations taking place in a number of cities "suspicious movements carried out by some unknown currents under the cover of popular protests."

The news agency "Tasneem" for Qomi, "The information appears that some embassies that support terrorism in Iraq was behind this incitement demonstrators in the Iraqi capital Baghdad."

He referred in this talk to the roots of the protests in Iraq, said that "these protests are nothing new in Iraq, which like witnessing since the formation of the new Iraqi government in 2003 to the present day."

He stressed that "protests have been organized so far because of the lack of services or financial or administrative corruption and increase especially in the summer and peak temperature up to 60 degrees."

He said the former Iranian ambassador to Iraq, saying, "But this time things are different from the previous terms of that religion references stressed the right of the people in his demands as stated in a letter of reference to the government that the latter due to launch at the heart of the people it should take to reform things where the government has complied with immediately and ordered to form a committee made these reforms and the Committee of the Iraqi parliament who vote for it immediately. "

He said Qomi "Cancel positions of Vice President and the Prime Minister as a legal decision, stressing that the Iraqi constitution also provides for the subject and, therefore, was approved by the Parliament immediately and without lingered because it is a legal decision."

He warned Qomi "of the consequences of the exploitation of the situation in Iraq and ride some opportunists wave of demonstrations and convert these demonstrations, unrest, stressing that Maizhahdh observer which is doing some suspicious moves made demonstrations like supports special stream in Iraq while it is not Kzlk.oohar slogans I heard that in these demonstrations and said in the beginning was the logos bearing on the character of protest lack of services and financial and administrative corruption, but it slowly turned into. that affect the religious authority and the Islamic political currents that shows the face of the will of the Iraqi people. "

He added, "The currents that sent some of its elements to states that sponsor terrorism, such as the United States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and started to train and organize these elements in preparation for their work in the Iraqi capital Baghdad under the cover of popular activities," .anthy 29 / d 25