Relationship: conditions ripe for reconsideration by the Iraqi financial system
By: wab1
Date: Tuesday, 25-08-15 12:48 am

Baghdad: Baghdad news
Iraqi Central Bank Governor stressed the relationship, that the conditions

Current ripe to be a reconsideration of the financial system. "
Allaq said in a statement to "Ultraman" crises "facing Iraq today, including financial crises that negatively economic imperative that there should be efforts to confront and deal with them in accordance with the mechanisms and methods for fast and accurate".
He added that "conditions are ripe for reconsideration of the financial system in Iraq by preparing the State budget," pointing out that "collation based on operating expenses and investment is inaccurate tab with lots of notes that give impressions and analyses are incorrect."
He predicted that "the amendment of the financial system contributes to correcting the financial operation and put them on the right path, which develops and makes the economy stronger arm in Iraq to create a well-off to his sons."