The third package specifies the relationship between the Government and the people
By: wab1
Date: Tuesday, 25-08-15 01:58 am

Baghdad news/Haider alamshani
It appears that the first and second reform package launched by the President of the Council

Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi was not the level of ambition of the Iraqi Street which called through the demonstrations that began on 31 July in most provinces, merging and abolishing some inefficient ministries is not requirement desired from Abadi implemented on the ground, but to eliminate corruption and to hold corrupt Ministerial bushings is most important as one hand don't clap unless there is Ayad help her whether behind the scenes or agents or general managers in this Ministry or , So the protesters renewed every Friday calling for serious reform comes primarily eliminate spoilers and hold them accountable.
Information that the Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi intends through the third reform package to merge a number of ministries "electricity with oil and transport communications and education with higher education" and hoped that the third package includes a number of important measures on security and security leaders.
Information obtained "Baghdad", emphasizes that Abbadi during the last National Alliance meeting many important topics that must be present on the ground and executed within paper reforms and stressed during the meeting that received government post must work for people and not for the party as a delegate by the people, and stresses also that it hoped to submit his resignation from Al-Dawa Al-Abadi and declares his independence to the skeptics of reform proposal paper to hand, And demonstrate good faith to the people and with the people and not with the Party on the other hand, is expected to be the third package of reform is the point of separation between the demands of protesters and Abadi, on the one hand, and skeptics, on the other hand, the implementation of these demands.
Paper recorded Premier correctional her bundles resentment by Iraqi Street which found that Htein packages did not respond to the ambition of the street came out and authorized belgard to eradicate corruption and restore hekilh State correctly and quickly to repeal the quota confessional in the joints of the State.
And civil activist Mustafa Al Muhammadawi also for "Baghdad" today we renew our demand for an advance paper Abadi reform more seriously so that consistent with the fury of the demonstrators who took to improve service and eliminate the spoilers, but what we have seen during the past period is procrastination for supporting demonstrators ' demands by religious reference, thieves are still the people's money by lining with ministerial positions unsanctioned Ministers still stay-at-home their Ministry they bought these ministries with their personal money and survival guide Minister of electricity and its lining, although That was a major reason the protests across the country, and either merge merged ministries or cancellation did not come to heal the hatred of the street which was clear, Al Muhammadawi also stressed that the demonstrators today awaiting the third package of reforms that might be the level of ambition of the street and after each incident.
Meanwhile, the Attorney for Union forces Nora Salem said: these reforms represent responses to part of the legitimate demands of the protesters, adding that these include all Iraqis without discrimination, adding that the protests by the people gave a strong impetus to political blocs, and is a warning to all politicians of note of the lack of services and widespread corruption in most ministries and State institutions, noting that if some of the claims of the masses to the AMT as it is Now.
Perhaps the third package is the real Faisal application sheet fixes that waited a long street which was in the forefront of eradicating corruption and accounting mischief.